Mr. Zhang Jieling Joins TI as Senior Fellow


On August 10, 2022, Mr. Zhang Jieling joined Taihe Institute (TI) as a senior fellow.



Mr. Zhang Jieling has served as the First Secretary of Chinese Embassy in India, Bureau Chief and Chief Correspondent of the Economic Daily at the UN (New York), Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Director-General of Global Commercial Newspapers Union, Council Member and Honorary Secretary of the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong, as well as Director of Hong Kong Federation of Journalists, Member of Hong Kong Media Chief Writers Association.


Mr. Zhang has long been engaged in international studies. During his extensive career, Mr. Zhang has published over 1,000 articles in newspaper and media platforms, including the Economic Daily, Global Times, the Hong Kong Commercial Daily, the Hong Kong Economic Times, the Economic Herald, Think Hong Kong, etc.



At the ceremony, Mr. Zhang analyzed the current domestic and international situation, as well as China's strategic advantages against the backdrop of "profound changes unseen in a century." His joining will further enhance TI's comprehensive approach to international exchanges and external communications, helping TI fulfill its mission of "facilitating mutual appreciation between civilizations and promoting global peace and development."



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