2nd Hong Kong International Talents Summit Organized by Hong Kong Quality and Talent Migrants Association and Co-organized by TI Successfully Concludes

On December 9, 2022, the 2nd Hong Kong International Talents Summit was successfully held in Hong Kong. The summit, organized by the Hong Kong Quality and Talent Migrants Association and co-organized by Taihe Institute (TI), focused on three topics: “Global Talent Strategy,” “Opportunity for Talents in Hong Kong,” and “Synergy Effect of Talents in the GBA.” The summit was attended by more than 200 key officials and scholars from China, Germany, Singapore and other countries, to pool their wisdom and seek solutions to enhance Hong Kong’s attractiveness to global talents and facilitate the building of China into a world leading talent center and innovation hub.



Mr. Rashid Alimov, Distinguished Fellow of Taihe Institute, was invited to deliver a speech on the theme of “The New Trend of Global Talent Strategy in Seeking the Mutually Beneficial Collaboration.” According to Mr. Alimov, the world is experiencing multiple developmental issues, environmental issues and geopolitical conflicts. The youth have proven to be a key driving force in building a more sustainable future world, and China’s younger generations play an especially important role. Mr. Alimov highlighted global innovation as an example, citing that in 2021 the largest number of international patent applications came from China, followed by the U.S., Japan, and Germany. Mr. Alimov also noted that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has paid much attention to the development of youth initiatives and launched multiple international youth awards to foster youth participation in areas such as global economic development. As globalization deepens and the flow of global talents quickens, global talent strategy should be the focus of global development. As such, Hong Kong, one of the most dynamic cities in Asia, should pay more attention to young talents, and better support their development.



Dr. Thorsten Jelinek, Senior Fellow and Europe Center Director of TI, joined in the roundtable discussion to share his perspectives on global talent trends in the face of increasingly fierce global competition.


As a co-organizer of this year’s Hong Kong International Talents Summit, Taihe Institute continues to promote young talent exchanges between Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland and support the development of global young talents.




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